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#12 Sarah Selecky on Where the Magic Comes From

#12 Sarah Selecky on Where the Magic Comes From

In the beginning, there is the blank page. 

We've talked a lot about the later parts of a book's life: publishing and distribution and design. This week we're going all the way back to the start. 

How do you get a book down on the page?

What happens when you face the blank page and there is nothing there?

What's up with the feeling of having to make a story come out of your head?

What do I do with that nasty critical voice that keeps bashing my work as I write?

Where does it all come from, anyway?

Sarah Selecky has been teaching students since 2001 how to deal with these and many conundrums that the writer faces when getting started on a project. We dive into the process of writing and all the magic that goes along with it. 

I won't lie- I felt a little high after wrapping up this recording. 

Want to dive into that novel you've been dreaming of writing? This is where you begin. This episode. 

We want you to write that novel. It wants to exist. This episode will help you find it. 

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Most people believe that books are created in cabins all alone, where authors pound away on some manner of keyboard. Then they hand this masterpiece off to a publisher and it feels very much like it goes down a tube and comes out the other side as a book. By speaking to authors and other book lovers, I'm diving into the mystery that is the book world today.