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#14 April Peveteaux Goes From Blog to Book Deal

#14 April Peveteaux Goes From Blog to Book Deal

Book deals. Who among us hasn't dreamed of getting one, if we're totally honest. April Peveteaux has gotten not one, but THREE books published based on the brilliant brand of her blog, Gluten is My B*tch. 

April and I share a profound disappointment in our inability to digest gluten as well as a powerful hunger for the baked goods and fried foods we can no longer eat. We talk about the need for humor around health issues, talk about the danger of bake sales, and how she made that enviable leap from blog to books. 

Show Notes For Episode 14 with April Peveteaux:

  • GIMB as an audiobook? (3:00)

  • YouTube name calling (4:15)

  • The Unicorn- Blogger to Book Deal (4:30)

  • Those journalism degrees (5:00)

  • Starting the blog & finding the agent (6:00)

  • Where agents come from (7:15)

  • The book deal or eating gluten? (9:30)

  • The need for humor with food allergies (10:45)

  • The holy grail of the GF croissant (12:15) 

  • Bake it or buy it? (13:20)

  • Organizing a family kitchen with a food allergy (14:00)

  • The irritation of typing fiancé (17:45)

  • Getting your partner on your team (19:00) 

  • Forbidden foods (20:00) 

  • Family food issues (22:15) 

  • Writing about personal experience and food (25:00)

  • Bake Sales Are My Bitch- the new book (27:00)

  • The 8 main food allergens (28:30)

  • Dinner party disaster for the gluten-free (29:45)

  • Recipes that set you up to win (30:45)

  • Creating recipes for a book (31:30)

  • Vegan and Gluten-free can be friends (33:00)

  • World Peace through dessert (33:45)

  • Gluten-Free pizza in LA (35:00)

  • Top 3 cities for GF Eating (actually 5) (36:00)

  • The favorite recipe (37:45)

  • Eating steak medicinally (38:30)

  • Adding the book arsenal to the blog arsenal (40:45)

  • The original book concept (42:00)

  • On April's Nightstand: You'll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein (44:00)

  • Powell's Bookstore (47:30)

  • #vegantwinkies (48:30)

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