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#16 Lindsay Smith on Working With an Editor

#16 Lindsay Smith on Working With an Editor

Editing is one of the more mysterious parts of the book creation process. We all know that editing is necessary, but many of us resist doing it. Sending your manuscript to an editor can be terrifying- it might be the first time someone other than your closest confidants has seen it- if anyone at all has seen your book so far. 

Lindsay is both an editor and a writer, so she's able to talk about the process from both sides. Learn about the little errors that can give away a lack of editing, the difference between developmental editing and copyediting, and how to connect with the editor that's right for your work. 

Show Notes For Episode 16 with Lindsay Smith:

  • Editing for yourself versus someone else (3:00)

  • The things you miss in your own writing (3:45)

  • Standing out in the indie market (4:45)

  • Developmental vs. copyediting & common errors that writers make (6:00)

  •  The distraction of edits that aren't made (11:00)

  • The author-editor tension (13:45)

  • How to find an editor and pricing (17:00)

  • Lindsay's first experience with an editor (21:00)

  • Finding typos in books (23:00)

  • There's an editor who's a match for every writer (24:30)

  • Draft by draft- Lindsay's novel from first draft to publication (26:00)

  • The writing schedule (27:00)

  • Critique partners vs. beta readers (28:15)

  • Reading the whole book out loud (29:45)

  • Cover design (30:15) 

  • Timeline for indie publishing vs. traditional publishing (31:00) 

  • Finding your rhythm and season as a writer (32:30)

  • Getting somewhere with ideas to finish the book (35:00)

  • Writer's Block (36:00)

  • Shitty first drafts (36:45)

  • Getting to the final draft (39:45)

  • The danger of too many drafts or too many opinions (42:00)

  • The vulnerability of putting your work out there and why it's worth it. (45:30)

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