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#17 Krysta Williams on Art Books and Photography

#17 Krysta Williams on Art Books and Photography

Art Books are a category that we haven't explored on the show until now. Krysta Williams is a photographer and book maker and today we discuss the book as object, creating beautiful books, how photography collections get sequenced and how we feel about the future of physical books. (it's a positive discussion, don't worry)

In addition, we nerd out about photography, journals, and planners. Learn one of the coolest ways to modify a journal to make it your own that I have seen so far.

Show notes for episode 16 with Krysta Williams:

  • Books as objects (2:30)

  • Sadness over the demise of the darkroom (3:30)

  • How Krysta began making books (4:00)

  • The narrative of images (4:45)

  • Elements of book design (6:15)

  • Medium hopping (7:15)

  • Interacting with photographs inside of books (8:00)

  • Going from photo collection to book (9:15)

  • Printing photographs digitally (11:20)

  • The difference between digital files and printed images (14:30)

  • The subjectivity of photography and TRUTH in media (16:15) Mentioned:

  • Making books of other people's photography (19:45)

  • Laying out pages for a book (22:30)

  • Reasons to make a photography book (23:15)

  • Preserving photographs as memories (27:00)

  • Books as a way to make things official (28:00)

  • Talking about The Bridge on BBC (28:45)

  • Why you can't count on social media to preserve your images (30:00)

  • Millennials and book buying (31:30)

  • Beauty in one of a kind objects and analog (32:00) 

  • Journals and planner madness (34:00) 

  • Compulsive childhood bookmaking (36:00) 

  • Breaking in a new journal (37:00) 

  • Journal mods (38:15) Mentioned: modified cover- see above

  • The naughtiness of modifying books (40:00)

  • Marginalia and marking in books (42:00)

  • Turning corners down (43:15) 

  • Paper altars in journals (48:30)

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