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#18 Natashia Deón on Fiction and Grace

#18 Natashia Deón on Fiction and Grace

Natashia Deón is a wonder.

When Julia Callahan gave her incredible ability to build networks and community back in Episode 10, I was impressed. But in reading her book, Grace, and speaking with her, I am now in love. Natashia is a novelist, criminal defense lawyer, law professor, and a mom. How does she do all these things? Even she doesn't know. If you've ever wondered how it feels to "make it" in writing- to publish a book, win a prestigious fellowship, and get a glowing New York Times Review, this conversation is for you.

From the writing process to community to fears around writing and what it feels like to get your published book in your hands for the first time, we covered it all. I just know you'll love her as much as I do.

  Show Notes for Episode 17 with Natashia Deón:

  • Finding time to write (2:00)

  • Mythbusting the writing retreat (3:45)

  • The structure of Grace (4:45)

  • Getting into criminal defense (7:15)

  • Pen Emerging Voices Fellowship (9:45)

  • The MFA (10:45)

  • How long it took to write a book (11:45)

  • Dirty Laundry Lit (12:30)

  • Curating Dirty Laundry (15:45)

  • Building literary community and giving back (16:00) 

  • How writing benefits everyone (18:20) 

  • When do I get to say I'm a writer? (19:15) 

  • Why are we so hard on ourselves as creatives? (21:00)

  • Going from writer to "author" (22:30)

  • Never get the galley in public (23:15)

  • On writing a tough subject (25:30)

  • Taking real life work into fiction (26:45) 

  • Writing about history so it feels alive in the present (29:30)

  • The impact of slavery on our current reality (30:00)

  • How we can look at contemporary issues as related to history (32:00)

  • The importance of language in our society (33:30)

  • International viewpoints on freedom and where we're trapped (34:45)

  • How the nation is losing its voice and the two party system (37:30)

  • The difficulty of "we" (38:45)

  • Can I be a writer like this? (39:00)

  • The next project & being open (41:30)

  • The New York Times Review experience (42:00)

  • On the critical self and perpetually moving the bar (44:00)

  • Deserving vs. begin grateful (45:30)

  • What Natashia is reading now (47:45) 

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