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#20 Michelle Wetzel from Inside the High School Library

#20 Michelle Wetzel from Inside the High School Library

I've known Michelle Wetzel since we were in high school together (not so) many years ago. I've been watching the trend and evolution in the world of young readers who create bookstagram accounts and rack up the follower counts into the thousands. Michelle is a high school librarian in Wayne, PA just outside Philadelphia, so she was the perfect person to turn to as I've wanted to dive into the world of young adult readers. 

If you want to know where the cool kids get their books, this is the episode for you.

Show notes for Episode 20 with Michelle Wetzel:

  • Love for the nerds (2:00)

  • Not enough time to read in high school (3:00)

  • One book, one city at the high school level (3:30) 

  • Fiction vs. Non-fiction in academics (4:30)

  • High school trends (6:00) M

  • Bookstagram and the high school demographic (7:30)

  • Student reading clubs and reading lunch (8:45)

  • Action book club (9:15) 

  • Trends in YA (11:00) 

  • Cover design in YA (12:30)

  • eBooks vs physical copies in the school library (13:45) 

  • Knitting and reading (15:45)

  • Audiobooks in other languages (17:00) 

  • Digital magazines reading (19:00) 

  • Traveling with devices vs. hard copy (19:45)

  • Digital reading for kids (21:15) 

  • Kindle vs iPad reading (22:30)

  • Buying print books versus checking them out (23:45)

  • Reading physical books as a parent (24:45)

  • The commonalities of the high school book junkies (25:00)

  • Library volunteers (26:20)

  • Bringing reading out into the community (27:00) 

  • Trying to find YA that's not depressing (28:30) 

  • Fan fiction & how to find it (31:45) 

  • Harry Potter as the cure for grad school (34:00)

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