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#22 Mary Laura Philpott on Making it Funny

#22 Mary Laura Philpott on Making it Funny

Sometimes we all need a good laugh.

Mary Laura Philpott was the perfect person to talk to about humor. Her book, Penguins with People Problems, began as a small personal project that made enough people laugh that it was turned into a book. She's just as funny in this interview and I had a blast talking about everything from her book to the book tv show she does and the biggest list of recommended reads I have ever had anyone share on the show. We also dive into social media for book nerds and her tips for getting the word out about your work. You will want the show notes for this one. 

Show Notes for episode 22 with Mary Laura Philpott:

  • On writing humor (1:30)

  • Blog to tumblr to book (1:45) 

  • The cure for vulnerability is a bird (3:45)

  • The beauty of taking a risk (4:15)

  • Book people have a sense of humor - how many fucks can you put in a book? (5:00)

  • The insides of a publishing house (6:30)

  • 365 penguin drawings and sustaining a topic (7:30)

  • The beauty of a smaller following (8:30)

  • It's all Donald Trump's fault (9:30)

  • Inhaling vs exhaling (10:00)

  • Healing through creativity (10:30) Penguins with parenting problems (13:00) 

  • Seeing the physical book & the cover (14:30)

  • Drawing people's problems as penguins (15:20)

  • Working under your own name & personal vs. professional (16:45) 

  • Introversion and anonymity (17:30) 

  • Reality television is not real (20:15)

  • The bookstore world at Parnassus Books (22:45) 

  • Book recommendation extravaganza pairings (23:45) 

  • Reading & watching crime stories (36:45) 

  • Inhaling TV for writing (38:00) 

  • Doing social media for the book world (39:30)

  • The conversational aspects of social media (41:45)

  • Tips for book nerds & introverts (42:30)

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