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Children’s Book Publishing Now | Jo Loring-Fisher

Children’s Book Publishing Now | Jo Loring-Fisher

We’ve had a lot of amazing authors on the show to date, but something we haven’t highlighted as much are the authors of children’s books. So with that, I’m so excited to have Jo Loring-Fisher on the show today to give us a bit of insight on the publishing process of a children’s book and how it differs from other genres. Jo has so much to share about her journey a writer, what she wishes she would have known, and the state of creative arts today. I learned a bit and I think you will, too!

Topics Discussed

  • How Jo found her way to writing a children’s book and what drew her to European illustration specifically

  • The flow that Jo has noticed that a children's book goes through in terms of the stages of writing to being published

  • Debunking the myth that the children’s book publishing industry is easier than other genres

  • The process (and who ultimately decides) who will be the illustrator on the books and Jo’s experience of illustrating for books that she didn’t write

  • The pros and cons of having an agent and why Jo ultimately decided to not have one

  • What the Linocut Method is and why Jo has been preferring this way of illustrating lately

  • What Jo wish she would have known when she started her journey as an illustrator

  • Highlighting the value of art and what it is so necessary, even if our society and government doesn’t think so

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