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For the Publishing Reluctant Out There | Craig Mod

For the Publishing Reluctant Out There | Craig Mod

I’m delighted to have Craig Mod, book producer and author, on the show today. In our conversation, he shares how he created his own press after receiving rejection after rejection. We also get to hear about his creative process which is a real treat because Craig’s books are really like no other, they are a work of art alongside amazing writing. Craig shows us how you can do publishing your own way, there’s so much to takeaway from this episode. It’s my hope you’ll leave feeling a little bit more confident about whichever publishing avenue you decide to take your own book in.

Topics Discussed

  • Craig’s journey of becoming a book producer and eventually creating his own press

  • Why Craig regularly walks to create a bit of a meditative state and generate new ideas

  • How Craig struggled to find an agent, even after selling out three editions of his first book

  • The different ways your childhood trauma can present itself in your writing and publication process

  • How Craig fought for himself during the negotiation process of signing with a publisher for the first time

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