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The Cauldron of Emotional Soup with Erika Rasure

The Cauldron of Emotional Soup with Erika Rasure

Season 10, Episode Five


Today’s episode of the Secret Library is such a treat – we are joined by Erika Rasure, an internationally recognized leader, educator, and researcher in holistic financial wellness. Throughout the episode, we chat about our respective experiences as writers who are also Enneagram 4s and how Erika uses the Enneagram in her work. We discuss the danger of waiting for the “perfect conditions” before starting. We have to be willing to change our conditions from within to take the next step forward. Erika shares why this barrier alone was almost the reason she didn’t write her upcoming book. ( Exciting news: she is now co-authoring it with another SLP guest!) I feel honored to witness such vulnerability from Erika, and know you will learn so much from her sharing. Enjoy!


  • How Erika found herself in the financial therapy and transformational coaching space, leading to the idea for her book

  • Why Erika loves the Enneagram in her work with her clients

  • The shame, vulnerability, and innermost thoughts that many authors face when writing (and wanting to make money from it)

  • How Erika experienced the loss of motivation in writing and entrepreneurship and how it felt to ask for support

  • Finding new solutions when you‘re stuck, including how Erika found the opportunity to co-author

  • The importance of internal work to make things happen for you on the outside

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Dr. Erika Rasure is an internationally recognized leader, educator, and researcher in holistic financial wellness. For almost two decades, she has practiced financial therapy and coaching. Among her achievements is helping to create National Financial Practice Week, which she is co-founder as Chief Financial Wellness Advisor at Beyond Finance. Dr. Rasure also serves as Chair of the Research Board for the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute. Additionally, she’s a member of the Financial Review Boards for Investopedia, The Balance, VeryWell Family, and VeryWell Parents. Her insight and interviews have been featured in several prestigious national outlets, such as Barron’s, CNN, Forbes, Fox Business, Marketwatch, NBC News Now, USA Today, and Yahoo! She is a Certified Deep Transformational Coach and holds a doctorate in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.

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