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What Do You Want from Writing?

What Do You Want from Writing?

Season 10: Episode 1

Welcome back to the Secret Library podcast! In season 10, we are switching up the show in more ways than one, the first of which is starting with a solo episode.

This time around, we are looking at money. The world has been shaky for the past several years and economic shifts really hurt those on the fringes first while the upturns benefit us last. Let’s get ahead of this conversation, moving toward prevention and flexibility. I have found that making a plan and engaging with it on my terms as much as possible feels better, even if there is so much that's outside of my control. You’ll hear my history with money as a writer and how I’ve built my business around writing so that I’m not constantly pushing my own goals to the end of my to-do list as well as the stories of other writers in coming episodes. Let’s dive in!


  • The importance of taking the time to think about what you want from writing

  • Why writing and money is a symbiotic relationship and why it’s okay to want to earn money or not yet earn money and still call yourself a writer

  • Caroline’s past relationship with money and how it’s shifted, especially since moving abroad and realizing she could build a business around writing

  • Making sure you’re not pushing your own writing goals to the end of your to-do list

  • Transparency of the money it takes to run Caroline’s business and how it’s constantly evolved and will continue to

  • How surrender and flexibility are the most useful things you can bring to writing (rather than discipline)

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