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Writing a Sure Thing | Jennifer Herrera

Writing a Sure Thing | Jennifer Herrera

What a rare moment to have the perspective of literary agent and author on the podcast. Jennifer Herrera is on the Secret Library today and she’s sharing the current state of the publishing industry — most notably, how you can write to make sure you’re a sure thing in this risk-adverse environment. So much to learn from this episode! 

Topics Discussed

  • How the merger failure between Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster has shaken up the whole publishing industry

  • Tricking the publishing industry into thinking you’re a sure thing as an author and the pros and cons of being a mid-level author

  • The advice that Jennifer would give for someone who is trying to get in the door of publishing

  • Choosing a paperback vs. a hardback and how this generation is less precious about our books

  • Finding satisfaction and meaning outside of your biggest book deal

  • Using what’s happened to you in your life to create meaning in your work

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The Secret Library Podcast
Most people believe that books are created in cabins all alone, where authors pound away on some manner of keyboard. Then they hand this masterpiece off to a publisher and it feels very much like it goes down a tube and comes out the other side as a book. By speaking to authors and other book lovers, I'm diving into the mystery that is the book world today.