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Attracting Your Best Readers with Billy Broas

Attracting Your Best Readers with Billy Broas

Season 10, Episode Six

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My guest this week is Billy Broas. He is the author, along with Tiago Forte, of the forthcoming Simple Marketing for Smart People. Before you panic about the word marketing, hear me out. Billy's created systems to help creative and nerdy people understand marketing, like those of us who write and love books. I’ve studied with Billy to help me get the word out about courses and books at Book Alchemy and the Secret Library. I wanted to share Billy's expertise with you for us to help get your wonderful books in the hands of readers who will enjoy and benefit from them. The first step: they need to know your books exist. Let’s get started with Billy Broas!


  • How Billy transitioned from brewmaster to marketing consultant and why he chose to write this book

  • How today’s approach to email and social media has watered down writing and marketing; learning from old school methods of good storytelling

  • How to reach readers without giving up your identity

  • The five guiding principles of Billy’s messaging framework

  • How being yourself unreservedly helps you find the best readers for your work

  • Knowing you aren’t writing your book for to be even clearer in who you want to reach

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Bill Broas is an Online Education Growth Expert and the creator of The Five Lightbulbs approach to marketing. Billy is an MBA turned marketing consultant to help online educators and experts reach their ideal students. He’s helped companies in over 40 different niches reach new customers and grow their revenue. Billy’s special focuses are strategy, copywriting, and email marketing.

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