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Soothing Your Nervous System with Sonya Brewer

Soothing Your Nervous System with Sonya Brewer

Season 10, Episode Nine

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Approaching the topic of money can be hard because it not only brings up feelings of stress, overwhelm, scarcity, and more — but it also can have a massive effect on our nervous system. The good news, though? We can use different techniques to heal and train our nervous system and how we respond to stressful situations. Sonya Brewer, psychotherapist, trauma specialist and relationship expert, joins me today on the Secret Library Podcast. We discuss how she helps people safely engage with money topics so it feels helpful rather than creating more fear and difficulty. This conversation gave me so much relief (and honestly, a bit of excitement) for not only how I face my finances, but how I can actively consider feelings about worth, my work, and my money mindset. If you’re someone who is typically avoidant of all things money, this one is for you.


  • How Sonya helps people safely engage with money topics without creating more fear and difficulty

  • Normalizing the feelings that come up about money and the automatic flight, fight or freeze mode our nervous system can respond with

  • Putting your creativity and financial awareness together (by actually creating space) to protect your mental health and your finances

  • The Internal Family Systems therapy model and how it can impact how you engage with @ money

  • How to productively communicate with your inner critic

  • Balancing protecting your dreams with connecting with people who support your dreaming

  • Reframing your relationship with fear and knowing that it’s just the price of admission

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Sonya Brewer is a trauma specialist and relationship expert who specializes in creative life and relationship design for overachieving trauma survivors and their partners. She loves helping trauma survivors feel more alive, connected and authentic so they can create the lives and relationships they truly want.

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