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The End of an Era with Jacqueline Winspear

The End of an Era with Jacqueline Winspear

Season 10, Episode Ten

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I can’t think of anyone more fitting for our penultimate episode of the season than Jacqueline Winspear, a Secret Library veteran and author of 20+ books. Her series, Maisie Dobbs, ends this spring after two decades with the release of The Comfort of Ghosts this spring*.* Throughout our conversation, Jacqueline shares how she knew the series was ready to wrap and what to include in the last book. We discuss what’s next for Jacqueline, and the need to give yourself permission to write the story that keeps calling you. I’m so honored to have Jacqueline on during this special season of her career, and know you’ll find tons of gems in this episode.


  • How Jacqueline knew her upcoming novel would be the final (and 18th) book in her Maisie Dobbs series

  • How to stop plot from overtaking character development, especially through a series

  • How to wrap up the last book if you have a big cast

  • The different ways Jacqueline explores the impact of war in Maisie Dobbs

  • Next books Jacqueline is considering working on.

  • The growth that writing memoirs brings and how it can inform fiction writing

  • Overcoming being “typecast” as an author to resist being stuck in one lane

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Jacqueline Winspear is the author of eighteen novels in the award-winning, New York Times, National and International bestselling series featuring psychologist-investigator Maisie Dobbs. In addition, Jacqueline’s 2023 non-series novel, The White Lady, was a New York Times and National bestseller, and her 2014 WW1 novel, The Care and Management of Lies, was again a New York Times and National bestseller, as well as a Dayton Literary Peace Prize finalist. Jacqueline has also published two non-fiction books, What Would Maisie Do? and an Edgar-nominated memoir, This Time Next Year We’ll Be Laughing. Jacqueline’s work encompasses essays and journalism covering a wide range of subjects, from women working in wildfire management to articles on international education and social history.

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