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Working Together in a New Way with Heidi Fiedler

Working Together in a New Way with Heidi Fiedler

Season 10, Episode Four

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What if book franchises were as extensive as movie franchises? Would you buy a perfume or a sweater that was curated specifically for your favorite book? Finding new ways to make money as a writer is a theme throughout season 10 and I’m excited to dig deeper with Heidi Fiedler in today’s episode of the Secret Library. Heidi is a writer and editor who has worked on hundreds of children’s books, giving her tons of experience in the publishing world — traditional and indie. We share our hopes for a future where the burden of success is taken off the writer’s back, where the publishing industry is more collaborative and creative. If you’re dreaming about possibilities for the future of publishing, this episode is for you.


  • What Heidi is currently asking herself about money and writing

  • Recent changes that Heidi has noticed with veteran writers asking, “How do I make this work?”

  • The disconnect between how many books are being sold and writer income

  • Why the idea of “smaller press, smaller money” isn’t necessarily true, plus the pros and cons of smaller advances

  • Getting creative with ways writers make money to create an all-encompassing experience

  • Patterns Heidi has seen with income for children’s books authors

  • Brighter spots of hope for writers to earn more in this day and age

  • Why Caroline and Heidi want you to pursue your “what if” idea of a book

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Writer and editor Heidi Fiedler has worked on hundreds of children’s books for clients ranging from Chronicle to Bravery Magazine. She teaches masterclasses and coaches writers, so they can move forward with confidence and ease. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, mother, and son.

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