A secret library for us…

The new home for Oh! Murder and From Dream to Draft. Consider this a reading room where we can hang out with coffee and notebooks and stationery. We'll swap recommendations on our favorite books... and write the ones that don't yet exist.

I’m Caroline Donahue, writer, writing coach, host of The Secret Library podcast, and creator of Dream to Draft. For the past twenty years, I’ve combined my Masters in Psychology and Expressive Arts with my experience in writing, books, and publishing to make an ongoing study of the writing process.

I’ve used my methods to support private clients, students in courses, and myself as I’ve written novels and nonfiction.

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A hideaway for the book lovers. Our secret library to hang out with coffee and notebooks and pens. Swap recommendations on books... and write the ones that don't yet exist.


📚Book Witch. 🎙️Host of the award-winning Secret Library Podcast. 📝Writer, Book Coach and 📖Author of Writing through Fear. 😻American in Berlin, with cats.