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Starting to record in our (then) new workspace in Berlin. Image: Danielle Cohen

In early 2016, the Secret Library Podcast began. Over hundreds of episodes and many seasons, I’ve been exploring the ins and outs of what it takes to write and publish books in today’s complex world.

We’ve played with multiple formats and schedules, from every week to a seasonal format, learning a lot about how to produce a show along the way.1 Currently, we release episodes every other Thursday from February — May and mid-August — mid-December.

Please note that the majority of our guests appear by invitation.2

I’m Caroline Donahue and I host the show. Haley Hatcher is our podcast producer, Ali Brown Cranmer is my assistant, Barry McWilliams designed our logo, and our theme music was composed by Emily Hawkins.

This is the truth about writing books.

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Back in the show’s early days in Los Angeles. Image: Danielle Cohen

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Given that “Season One” lasted over three years, we’ve compiled those episodes by theme only. All other episodes are tagged by season and topic.

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In fact, if you’re curious about starting a podcast, I created the course Inside the Secret Library Podcast to share all I’ve learned.


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